Parking and EV charging

Warksburn Old Church has a large private parking area exclusively for up to three cars belonging to guests.

Two EV charge points are provided in this area. These enable guests to charge their cars, either using surplus solar power during daytime, or using overnight off-peak grid electricity, from a certified supplier of 100% renewably-generated power.   The chargers are myenergi zappi units, each providing power at 7.4 kW.

Important: if you wish to use the EV chargers, please let the hosts know in advance, once you have received your booking confirmation.

To promote sustainability, two payable packages for EV charging are offered.

  • EV1: £30 per EV per week. 42 kWh per day (6 hrs x 7 kWh, supplied overnight between 23:30 and 05:30) plus any surplus solar routed by the on-site smart energy system if your EV is connected during the day. Depending on your EV’s efficiency and external conditions affecting consumption, such as temperature, 42 kWh should provide between around 95 and around 160 miles of range, more than adequate for most day trips from Warksburn Old Church.
  • EV2: £150 per EV per week. Unlimited charging at any time during your stay. The chargers supply at a maximum rate of 7.4 kWh per hour connected.

Please note that it is, of course, impossible to predict in advance the amount of surplus solar, if any, which may be available!

Just let the hosts know what EV charging package you’d like to use and they will set the zappi chargers appropriately. The hosts reserve the right to alter pricing and off-peak period from time to time, but will inform you in advance of your stay if there is any change to the rates published above .

Additional to on-site charging during your stay, it’s worth mentioning that Northumberland has a reasonably large (and growing) number of rapid and ultra-rapid public charging locations, if you need a quick zap whilst on a longer day trip.

Secure storage outbuilding

There is a lockable outbuilding in the car park area.  This is available for guests’ use, and provides ample secure storage for bikes, fishing tackle, canoes/kayaks, and other kit for outdoor activities.  The outbuilding also contains 13v power sockets which enable the charging of eBikes or similar equipment. Bins for household waste and recycling are located here.


There is fully paved level access from the car park to the front entrance porch and utility room side entrance door.  However, please note that due to the heritage nature of the building, the doors are located up two stone steps.